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Gossip Girl Recast: British Edition

cw_land season:3 episode:20 "CW Recast"

Choose one of the CW shows in our masterlist and recast up to five characters.
You can do more than five, but you only receive points for five.
Each character recast needs to have a picspam featuring at least six new images.
You cannot use any actor that has already been featured on your chosen show.
Picspams must be at least 500x500, if your image is smaller you will not receive points.
- genderbending, changing the race of a character, and pure and utter crack are allowed.
- Each character picspam must feature at least six different images.
- Each picspam must be at least 500x500.
- You cannot feature a recasted character using an actor that has already been in your chosen show, no matter how small the role.

As part of Team Gossip Girl I couldn't help but recast them. But instead of using younger actor I had to make it slightly more grown up and use British Actors and one American who lives in Britain for my version. Think of it as what Gossip Girl could be if the CW was more like HBO.


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My Top 10 T.V. Shows/Moments of 2010

This is the first actual time I've actually complied a list of things I've enjoyed over an year. I've limited it down to shows that I actually watched when they first aired,excluded tv dvds and the list really reflects my tastes over the past year and in some ways can be broken down by season.

So I present my top 10 T.V. Shows/Moments of 2010

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